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Improvement Concept of Levoberezhny Park to be Publicly Discussed in Rostov
The improvement concept of Levoberezhny Park will be publicly discussed with Rostov residents on November 13, at 11 am, at the Don State Public Librar
Next Year Ten Walking Areas will Appear in Rostov
At the session of the city’s Administration chaired by the Head of the city’s Administration A. Logvinenko, implementation stages of road maps for walking areas were discussed.
Days of Rostov Region in Italy
The delegation of the Rostov region headed by Governor Vasily Golubev is on an official visit in Italy, where the Days of the Rostov Region in Italy are held in Milan on November 27-29
Mother’s Day Celebrated in Regional Capital
A formal event to celebrate Mother’s Day took place at Rostov-Dosug Cultural Center
Outer Space Mosaic Panel Opened in Pedestrian Underpass
Dismantling of structures of the kiosk that blocked the mosaics in the pedestrian underpass at the intersection of Bolshaya Sadovaya Street and Kirovsky Avenue is coming to its end
Tour Operators Have a Chance to Get Financial Assistance from State
Currently, tour operators have a chance to get financial assistance from the state
Piles of Enjoyment Gastronomic Festival
Piles of Enjoyment Gastronomic Festival will take place on November 16, 2019
Rostov is one of 10 Most Photographed Russian Cities
Rostov became one of the most photographed Russian cities. 
 Rostov 100 km Race Took Place in Regional Capital
A unique running event took place in Rostov-on-Don – for the third year in a row, the regional capital organizes a 100-kilometer race. Last weekend 166 people from 29 cities of Russia and 11 clubs toed the starting line in Students’ Park of the Don State Technical University

For the First Time, Rostov-on-Don was Presented at World Travel Market (WTM) London, UK, a Tourism and Recreation Organization Exhibition

For the first time, Rostov-on-Don was presented at one of the most prominent exhibitions in tourism and organization of recreation

Festivities to Celebrate National Unity Day Took Place in Rostov’s Parks
On November 4, which is a national holiday, winners of the drawing contest received their awards on the open-air stage in Ostrovsky Park
Three New Swimming Pools to be Built in Rostov before 2022

The extended plenary session of the Head of the city’s Administration Office in the presence of the Acting City Administrator A. Logvinenko was focused on shaping a long-range plan for developing sports infrastructure of Rostov-on-Don to deliver the national demographic project

Rostov’s Public Chamber will Monitor Cultural Heritage Sites of the City
The Culture and Cultural Heritage Preservation Committee of the Public Chamber of Rostov-on-Don had a regular session to give a focused analysis of cultural heritage sites in the regional center
 Days of Retail on the Neva River, a Business and Government Forum, will Take Place in St Petersburg

On November 19 – 20, the business and government forum Days of Retail on the Neva River will take place in St Petersburg, it is one of the interregional events timed to the annual international forum the Week of Russian Retail, the main event in the retail industry.

Media Briefing on Tourist Development in Rostov-on-Don Took Place in Regional Capital

An open media briefing took place on October 12, 2019, it was focused on development of tourism in the regional capital

We Invite you to Take Part in the Russian National Tourist Forum Rostov-on-Don is the Heart of the Don Region

We invite you to take part in the Russian National Tourist Forum, Rostov-on-Don is the Heart of the Don Region, organized by the Department of Economy of Rostov-on-Don, which is to take place on October 16, 2019 in Rostov-on-Don

Russia’s Emergencies Ministry Launches National Service for Online Registration of Tourist Groups

Using the national service, you can make an application to register  a tourist group and inform the rescue departments of your itinerary beforehand

Name for Street will be Chosen by Rostovites

The Architecture and Urban Development Department of Rostov-on-Don suggests that Rostovites should name the thoroughfare which is located to the south of Rostov Arena from Yuzhny Drive to Levoberezhnaya Street

You are Welcome to Take Part in a Practice-Oriented Seminar!

The seminar is held as part of the regional  professional skills competition Tourist Industry Leaders  of the Don Region organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Rostov region and Digital marketing agency MilaToma

Young Rostovites are Welcome to Take Part in the First International Photo Competition FOTORUAT

The regional non-governmental organization Society of Friendship with Austria announces about the beginning of the First International Photo Competition FOTORUAT, organized as part of the crossover Year of Youth Russia-Austria