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Cinema Night 2021
On August 28, top-grossing Russian films of the year will be shown in the Center free of charge.
Rostovites are Invited to Take Part in Tourist Souvenir Competition
Authors and producers of tourist souvenirs, artisans and craftsmen, museums, companies and organizations from all over Russia that possess rights to souvenir products or their ideas, can take part in the competition. When selecting souvenirs, experts will take into account their exclusive, original, informative qualities, fitness to the theme, use of distinctive artistic and stylistic features of the regional culture, possibility of mass production and affordability for tourists
First Smart Stop Appeared in Rostov’s Downtown
A smart stop is to open in Sovetov Square in Rostov
Contest of Graphic Stories (Strip Cartoons) Literary Don
The Don Public Library invites to take part in the contest of graphic stories (strip cartoons) Literary Don in Strips
Rostov-on-Don in 10 Online Sessions for Rostovites and City Visitors
The international network of travelers JoinPRO together with the Economy Department of Rostov-on-Don launched a project Open Rostov-on-Don. The project will make it possible for everyone to have a virtual visit to the Don capital, touch its history and culture, feel the atmosphere and learn to cook local dishes
Cashback for Children’s Recreation in Summer Camps
How to get 50% cashback for children’s recreation in summer camps that was paid for before May 25, 2021?
International Network of Travelers JoinPRO together with Economy Department of Rostov-on-Don Launched Project Open Rostov-on-Don
Watch free online streaming, get a secret code and win the Top Prize – a visit to Rostov-on-Don!
Video How to Get Social Refund for Children’s Recreation in a Summer Camp
You have arranged recreation for your underage children in a summer camp and paid for it before May 25? You can get compensation up to 20,000 rubles!
Rostov Region is to be Participant of Sightseeing Flash Mob

Local residents and visitors of the region are invited to take part in the Russian National Campaign Sightseeing Flash Mob, which includes free sightseeing tours.

City Day will Take Place!
День города Ростова-на-Дону состоится с соблюдением всех санитарных норм. Праздничные мероприятия пройдут в районах города, парках и скверах
Public Debate on Revised City Improvement Rules to be Held in Rostov
The draft resolution of the Rostov-on-Don City Duma on revised City Improvement Rules for Rostov-on-Don is presented for public debate. The public hearing will be held from August 25 through September 29, 2021
New Fountain to Appear in Alley of Roses
Aleksey Logvinenko, Head of Administration Office of Rostov, visited the Alley of Roses of Pleven Park
Six School Stadiums Repaired in City
Six out of 18 school stadiums have already been repaired
Feats of Don Cossacks Inspire Footballers to Victories
Some days ago, players on the youth team of FC Rostov visited the Don Cossack Guard Cultural Exhibition Center of Don State Technical University
Tourist Information Center Invites to Rostov
It is easy to arrange a weekend trip or go on a tour around Rostov-on-Don!
Rostov Region is in Top 20 for Number of Craftsmen who Create and Sell Handmade Items
Recently, customers have preferred limited handmade items to purchases in large malls. Conscious consumption and willingness to have unique items around is a consistent trend among residents of all regions of Russia
Tourism Industry Players are Invited to Take Part in Russian National Award Tour of the Year
The Russian National Award, the Tour of the Year, was established in 2014 and has been held since then as an industry award based on the results of the Russian national competition of projects for achievements in creating and developing tourist routes
Investors will Get Soft Loans to Build Hotels
The Federal Tourism Agency launched a program of soft loans given to build and reconstruct hotels
You are Invited to Take Part in Regional Professional Competition Leaders of Don Tourism Industry
On July 2, the Department of Economy of Rostov-on-Don organized an info tour about the city for businesses located in the main city of the region
You are Invited to Take Part in Regional Professional Competition Leaders of Don Tourism Industry
The Ministry for Economic Development of the Rostov Region continues to accept applications for the regional professional competition Leaders of Don Tourism Industry (further Competition)