Official News

Official News
Over 2,000 Trees and about 1,000 Bushes to be Planted near Temernik River
In the main city of the region, environmental rehabilitation of the 8.5-kilometer section of the Temernik River from its source down to the Nizovoye Reservoir is drawing to its end.

It will be Allowed to Redevelop Historical Center of Rostov in Spring 2021
They plan to give dilapidated buildings in the center of Rostov that are not monuments to investors
Month's Tree Planting Campaign Started in Rostov
As part of works on greening of urban areas in autumn, at the expense of budgetary and non-budgetary sources, it is planned to plant about 6,300 coniferous and deciduous trees, 15,300 shrubs, 216,700 perennial flowers
Traffic to be Temporarily Restricted on some Streets in Rostov
So, from October 23, they will restrict the stop of transport on Moskovskaya Street from Budennovsky Avenue to Ostrovsky Street. 
Development Concept of City’s Retail Space Disclosed in Rostov
In Rostov, a draft resolution of the administration on the approval of the concept for development of retail space in Rostov-on-Don up to 2030 has been developed and is undergoing the approval procedure
Eco Park Along Temernik River under Way
To clean the Temernik River and to turn its coastal area into a comfortable recreation zone is a task for the near future
Improvement of Novoselov Boulevard, Voroshilovsky District, Rostov, Completed
On August 20, during a press briefing on improvement of urban areas, M. Nesnov, Director of the Department of Housing and Utilities and Energy of Rostov-on-Don, visited Novoselov Boulevard in the Voroshilovsky District.
Mask Requirement and Compliance with Recommendations for Prevention of COVID-19 Continue to Apply in Rostov-on-Don

In the Rostov region, including the city of Rostov-on-Don, despite the fact that some restrictions are lifted, the need to comply with measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 remains

Delivery of Program of Changing Unsurfaced Roads into Roads with Permanent Surface in Progress in Don Capital
The road construction season continues in the Don capital. As part of the implementation of the Program of Changing Unsurfaced Roads into Roads with Permanent Surface, works are planned for 6 streets of the Don capital.
Improvement Concept of Levoberezhny Park to be Publicly Discussed in Rostov
The improvement concept of Levoberezhny Park will be publicly discussed with Rostov residents on November 13, at 11 am, at the Don State Public Librar
Next Year Ten Walking Areas will Appear in Rostov
At the session of the city’s Administration chaired by the Head of the city’s Administration A. Logvinenko, implementation stages of road maps for walking areas were discussed.
Three New Swimming Pools to be Built in Rostov before 2022

The extended plenary session of the Head of the city’s Administration Office in the presence of the Acting City Administrator A. Logvinenko was focused on shaping a long-range plan for developing sports infrastructure of Rostov-on-Don to deliver the national demographic project

Rostov’s Public Chamber will Monitor Cultural Heritage Sites of the City
The Culture and Cultural Heritage Preservation Committee of the Public Chamber of Rostov-on-Don had a regular session to give a focused analysis of cultural heritage sites in the regional center
City Duma’s Committee on Economical Development:  19 of 20 Municipal Programs Delivered in 2014-2018 with High Efficiency
At the session of the Standing Committee of the City Duma on Economic Development, Investment, Industry and Energy, chaired by S. Zarevsky, the deputies listened to a report of the Director of the Department of Economics P. Korostieva
Further Development of Parks in the City Discussed in Rostov
Establishment of a sustained ecological park along the Temernik River began in Rostov. It is planned to improve the park territory near the Rostov Zoo, which is 17 km long, in five years. Governor V. Golubev visited the coastal site cleared of discharges and dead wood during a working visit of Rostov