Official News

Official News
Improvement Concept of Levoberezhny Park to be Publicly Discussed in Rostov
The improvement concept of Levoberezhny Park will be publicly discussed with Rostov residents on November 13, at 11 am, at the Don State Public Librar
Next Year Ten Walking Areas will Appear in Rostov
At the session of the city’s Administration chaired by the Head of the city’s Administration A. Logvinenko, implementation stages of road maps for walking areas were discussed.
Three New Swimming Pools to be Built in Rostov before 2022

The extended plenary session of the Head of the city’s Administration Office in the presence of the Acting City Administrator A. Logvinenko was focused on shaping a long-range plan for developing sports infrastructure of Rostov-on-Don to deliver the national demographic project

Rostov’s Public Chamber will Monitor Cultural Heritage Sites of the City
The Culture and Cultural Heritage Preservation Committee of the Public Chamber of Rostov-on-Don had a regular session to give a focused analysis of cultural heritage sites in the regional center
City Duma’s Committee on Economical Development:  19 of 20 Municipal Programs Delivered in 2014-2018 with High Efficiency
At the session of the Standing Committee of the City Duma on Economic Development, Investment, Industry and Energy, chaired by S. Zarevsky, the deputies listened to a report of the Director of the Department of Economics P. Korostieva
Further Development of Parks in the City Discussed in Rostov
Establishment of a sustained ecological park along the Temernik River began in Rostov. It is planned to improve the park territory near the Rostov Zoo, which is 17 km long, in five years. Governor V. Golubev visited the coastal site cleared of discharges and dead wood during a working visit of Rostov
Improvement of Rostov’s Historical Center Discussed in City’s Administration Office
The acting Head of the city’s Administration Office discussed issues of restoring historical and cultural appearance of the city’s center and developing a concept for development of non-stationary trade for 2020-2030...
Issues of Participation of National and Cultural Associations in City’s Life Discussed in Rostov
E. Kozhukhova, Deputy Head of the city’s Administration Office in Social Issues, had a working meeting with heads of national and cultural associations of the Don capital
Session on Development of Enogastronomic Tourism in Region Took Place in Rostov
No only elected officials, but also representatives of the tourist industry, producers of wine products and industry-based  noncommercial organizations attended the session

Work in Progress to Develop New Waking Area Concept in Rostov-on-Don
В рамках реализации задач развития донской столицы, Губернатор Ростовской области поручил подготовить предложения по созданию 10 пешеходных зон на территории города
37th Session of City Council: Municipal Center to Preserve, Use and Promote Historical and Cultural Monuments of City Established in Rostov

At the 37th session of the Rostov-on-Don City Council, its members addressed events organized by the city’s Culture Office to preserve sites on the cultural and historical heritage list of the city.

Rostov can Become Center of Internal and International Tourism
At the 37th session of the Rostov-on-Don City Council, its members addressed matters related to the work of the Department of Economy in promotion of the city’s tourist potential
Staff Changes in Administration Office of Rostov-on-Don
Upon Decree No. 336-k dated June 17, 2019, Alexander Novitsky was appointed Deputy Head of the Administration Office of Rostov-on-Don in Procedural and Institutional Aspects and HR
Over 6,000 People Took Part in City-wide Volunteer Clean-up on March 30
For the event, 525 enterprises and legal entities were engaged, 151 units of special-purpose equipment were involved. Waste trouble spots were eliminated, over 833 tons of waste were removed 
Separate Waste Collection Campaign to be Held on April 7
On April 7, the nonprofit organization Rostov is a City of the Future will hold a separate waste collection campaign in Rostov, and all those interested can take part in it