Excursion to Tanais, The Town, Lost and Found

Excursion to Tanais, The Town, Lost and Found

The trading post of Tanais, which later became a full-fledged town, was founded by Greek colonists in the 3rd century BC and existed for eight centuries. Traces of this ancient town were lost over time to be discovered only in 1823, and full–fledged archaeological excavations began even later, in 1955. In the 20th century, the Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve Tanais was established, it is a unique open-air museum.

The study of Tanais has confirmed many ancient legends, which you will learn about during the tour. However, not all the secrets of the ancient city have been uncovered yet, as archaeologists have explored only a tenth of it.

The group meets at 09.45 am, at Voroshilovsky Pr., 87/65 (near the House of Trade Unions).

It will take about an hour to get from Rostov-on-Don to the Tanais museum complex.

The Archaeological Museum-Reserve Tanais is one of the four reserves of the ancient era on the territory of Russia. It boasts well-preserved cultural and historical landscape, which is rare, and unmatched reference collections.

First of all, you need to go to the Museum of the History of Tanais, where you will see the most interesting items that were in daily use among the Hellenes and Tanais residents. The scientific staff of the museum, for whom almost every exhibit is “native”, as they were discovered with their personal participation, will tell you how and why the Greeks appeared on the banks of the Don, how the history of the town evolved and why it disappeared from ancient maps and from people's memory for a long time.

The settlement is an open-air exposition. During the second part of the tour, you will take a walk around the ancient settlement, walk over the defensive ravine on the reconstructed Roman bridge, from where you will see the quarters of the citadel of the town and examine the landscape surrounding the monument. You will explore in more detail the central part of the ancient town, surrounded by a fortress wall, moving from the western gate of the citadel to the southern one. The restored hut of Tanais residents gives an idea of what Tanais looked like during its heyday. As they say, “turn on your imagination.”

You will have an opportunity to visit the Hall of Amphoric Standards, which is Europe's only experience of open storage of amphoric containers, the exposition Museum of Historical Costume, and a number of other thematic exhibitions of historical, archaeological and artistic nature.

The price includes: transportation along the route; a travel tour; services of a tour guide, excursions around the Museum of the History of Tanais and the settlement.

Tour operator "Golden Compass". Inquiries by phone: +7(863) 227-09-10

Адрес: г. Ростов-на-Дону., Темерницкая ул., 29


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