Gem of Rostov: From Taganrogsky Highroad to Bolshoy Avenue

Gem of Rostov: From Taganrogsky Highroad to Bolshoy Avenue

The tour along the main street of Rostov-on-Don – Bolshaya Sadovaya Street – runs from the border between the former outer settlements of the Fortress of St Dimitry down to the eastern border of the city of the early 19th century, that is from Taganrogsky Highroad down to Bolshoy Avenue, or from present-day Budennovsky Avenue to Voroshilovsky Avenue.

You will walk around only four quarters of the city, but what are the quarters! You will see propylaea of Rostov and that part of Bolshaya Sadovaya Street, which is especially well-known for the beauty of its historical buildings; you will learn how the appearance of the main street changed, what architects contributed to its development, what were the morals of its inhabitants; you will get to know outstanding Rostovites better – A.M. Baykov, G.I. Tkachev, M.L. Presman, the Wrangel, the Chernov and the Mavrogordato families. The oldest city's park will reveal its secrets to you, and mosaic pictures of underground passages will remind you of childhood and youth.

Rostov residents will discover new aspects of the well-known street, and visitors of the city will learn the history of Rostov through the story of Bolshaya Sadovaya Street.

You will understand why we love our city so much!

Tour operator "Golden Compass". Inquiries by phone: +7(863) 227-09-10

Адрес: г. Ростов-на-Дону., Темерницкая ул., 29


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