Delicious Tour for Foodies (Taganrog)

10.50: The group gets together near the sundial at the Stone Steps (Taganrog).

11am to 2pm: We start our tour for foodies with a story about the Azov Sea, its sea animals and dishes that are served and used to be served in restaurants and cafes of Taganrog. Hence, we visit a local seafood cafe.

Farther on, we walk along the city’s main street - Petrovskaya, listening to a story about the city’s first restaurant. You will see revamped interiors of the facility, learn about the specialties and strengths of the service.

Our gastronomical tour continues, and our next stop is at Georgian cuisine restaurant Ketsi. Georgia implies warm hospitality, music, songs and, of course, wine served with cheese!

Then we go to Tarel (former Russky Chai) to have a cup of aromatic hot tea and an apricot pie. And you will learn how to make tea and bake baranki (ring-shaped rolls).

Excursion bureau "ALBION-TOUR". Phone information: +7(863) 320-20-30; +7(863) 320-20-40.

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