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The gentle hill at the confluence of the Tuzlov and Aksay rivers has been called Biryuchy Kut (literally: a wolf's den) since ancient times. Following the order of Emperor Alexander I in December 1804, they planned to build a new town on this hill. The author of the project was a military engineer and architect Franz de Vollan. The city was designed according to the European urban planning traditions, with a radial layout, and de Vollan proudly called it “a little Paris”. Alexander I approved of the new plan and sent it to the Host Ataman Matvey Platov. Thus, according to de Vollan 's project, Novocherkassk, the capital of the Cossacks, was built.

Today we will visit De Volan cheese factory and evaluate the quality of nine varieties of handmade hard cheese aged from 6 to 12 months, see a manufacturing process, discover some secrets, learn about a cheese eating culture. And as an accompaniment to the high-quality and delicious cheeses, we will taste wines produced at the Semiz Sara Kel winery from freshly hand-picked grapes, which they grow in their own vineyard, honest and natural wines, made with a personal touch of the winemaker. Six samples are offered, two of them are made of indigenous Don grape varieties.

Your taste buds will get acquainted with genuine beer of four varieties made at the craft brewery Biryuchiy Kut from European, British and American malts and hops. You will also see how bread is baked, the process of making whole grain, sourdough breads, and learn what kind of bread you need to eat in order not to put on weight.

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