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The ROSTOVSKY wildlife preserve is the unique wildlife etalon, attracting the visitors by the sea of blooming feather grass, silent salt lakes, peculiar vegetation and animal life world.
Categories: Springs and ponds
The state wildlife preserve area of the Rostov region Donskoy Wildlife Park was established after the decree of the Rostov region administration on September 8, 2005.
Categories: Springs and ponds
The main sight of Pokrovsk square is a temple. The history of the Pokrovsk temple originates in Sacred Anna's fortress. This military strengthening has been constructed in 1735 on Vasilevsky hillocks near capital of the Army Don - Cherkassk for protection of a customs outpost against a Turk.
Categories: Springs and ponds
The main architectural sight of Starocherkassk - the Army Voskresensky cathedral (1706-1719), which decorates a Maidan. It is unique on architecture and internal furniture, the most ancient temple of Don. It has been put at the initiative of Peter I and at its personal participation. The tsar has put some bricks in an altar part of a cathedral.
Botanic Garden of the Southern Federal University, located along the Temernik river in the North-West of the city, was the first at the vast woodless territory of South-Eastern Russia. 
Categories: Springs and ponds

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