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Rostov-on-Don - Russian city, located on the south-east of the East European Plain, on the banks of the Don River, 46 kilometers from where it flows into the Sea of ​​Azov, the distance to Moscow 1094 km. The administrative center of Rostov region, with the May 13, 2000 the administrative center of Southern federal district. Founded in 1749 by decree of Empress Elizabeth.

Rostov-on-Don - South "capital"of Russia with a population of 1,048,000 people, is a major administrative, cultural, scientific, educational and industrial center. The city is a major transportation hub of southern Russia, it is called "Gates of the Caucasus. "

May 5, 2008 decree of the President of the Russian Federation in Rostov-on-Don was awarded the title of the Russian Federation "City of Military Glory."
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Excursion Along Chekhovs Route in Rostov Along Chekhovs Route in Rostov (from Old Bazaar Square to City Garden).  
City at the Quiet Don Excursion

During 250 years of its existence Rostov-on-Don passed the long distance from a small custom house to the capital of the Don land. Highlight tour along the city will acquaint you with its past and present.

Excursion for Children In the World of Animals

Excursion to the Zoo. Familiarizing with wild animals, and peculiarities of their life. 

Excursion Historic Cradle of the City

Two-hour excursion along the historic center of Rostov-on-Don.

The Rostov Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary Monument to Dmitry Donskoy

The monument to Dmitry Donskoy is situated in front of the Rostov Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (1885)...

Rostov regional Museum of Pictorial Arts

The Rostov regional Museum of Pictorial Arts is located at the city historical center, at one of the most beautiful...

Synagogue, Jewish religious community

The building of the Rostov synagogue (former Soldatskaya choral synagogue) was erected in 1872 on the funds of the...

Svyato-Ivesrky Convent

In 1903 the Rostov Administration allotted a two dessiatinas land plot 20 versts far from the city for construction of...

Old Belief Pokrov Church

In 1913 in the Kankrinskaya Street (now Ulianovskaya Street) for the funds of the Rostov merchant N. I. Panin there was...

Russian Armenian Friendship Museum

Since November 25, 2011, museum exposition is located at the address: 14/2, Ploshad Svobody. There are unique exhibits...

Museum of Actor Mikhail Pugovkin

Museum holds the exhibits of life and work of King of ...


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