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Landmark exhibition glory of russian weaponry opens in Rostov on february 21
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Youth Theater Invites Rostovites to see Old-Style New Year in
As part of the Don Christmas Meeting, the famous Moscow-based virtuoso pianist Sergey Alekhin will give a gala concert
The Historic Game of FC “Rostov”
City Administration Is Getting Ready for Rostov-Arena Stadium Site Improvement

City Administration Is Getting Ready for Rostov-Arena Stadium Site Improvement

Rostov Arena site improvement, and utilities and transport infrastructure of the stadium were discussed at the meeting hold by Vasily Golubev, the Governor, in October 2016.   

As it is announced by the Head of the region press-service, the works shall start in April 2017 from the southern side, water area, and shall continue on the western and eastern approach zones.      

Site improvement of pedestrian boulevard bed up to the stadium shall be made for the start. Then lawns shall be laid, grass and flowers planted.          

Planting of trees – maples, lime trees, acacias – shall go in stages, starting from October 2017.   

- Site improvement shall be of high quality, -- the Governor recons. – All this territory shall be engaged for the benefit of community not for just one decade, so it is important to pay serious attention to site improvement already today.    

It is worth reminding that the level of Rostov Arena stadium completion is 70%. Roofing system is already in the process of installation, internal finish works are ongoing. Facility commissioning is planned for December 2017.    

Don Area Festivals are Among Prize Winners of Russian Tourist Event Awards

Don Area Festivals are Among Prize Winners of Russian Tourist Event Awards

Results of National Prize Competition for Event Tourism Arbitrated in Sevastopol   

The best of the best were selected out of 39 projects presented for the regional competition of the National Prize in the Event Tourism. The “Sholokhov Spring” Festival, which is hold on the annual basis in Veshenskaya Settlement, took first place in the nomination “Best Cultural Tourist Event”. The second best is Chekhov Book Festival.       

Literary-Ethnographic Festival “Horse is a Cossack’s Best Treasure – Cossacks’ Shermitsiyas (Mock Fights) in Veshenskaya” is the best among tourist events for promotion of national traditions and crafts. 

First place in the nomination “Best Tourist Event Site” was taken by the Museum-Preserve named after Mikhail Sholokhov. 

According to well-informed sources the first place in the nomination “Best Tourist Event Devoted to the Year of Cinema” was taken by two events: “Bridge of Arts” Festival and “Umbrella Morning or Cultural Shock”       


Rostov Is In the TOP-5 of Russia’s Most Well-Known Cities Among the Users of

Rostov Is In the TOP-5 of Russia’s Most Well-Known Cities Among the Users of

Moscow and St. Petersbourg took the first and the second places accordingly. Southern capital outran several resort-cities of Krasnodar Region (Krasnodar, Sochi, Gelendzhik), and also Nizhny Novgorod. 

Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan are the centers of attraction for vacationers in the Volga Region.    

The service of on-line hotel booking rated the most well-known travel destinations in Russian Federation.   

Kazan took the 4th place among the most well-known cities in Russia for summer travel, both among Russian and foreign vacationers.   

According to the last updated information from RossTour company, 47% of its clients in the middle of September booked tours to Sochi. Rostov also joined the top list and took place number 5. 



Rostov Expands Informational Collaboration with Twin-Cities

Rostov Expands Informational Collaboration with Twin-Cities

The Don Area Capital fruitfully cooperates with foreign partner-cities and twin-cities.

Particularly the delegations of Municipal Administration have visited 6 foreign cities within the framework of inter-municipal relations development during this year. In its turn, Rostov gave 5 receptions to official delegations of foreign twin-cities and partner-cities.  


This information was provided by Sergey Kuznetsov, the First Deputy Head of the Administration of Rostov-on-Don, at a Panel Session of the Administration.

He noted that a series of agreements have been achieved in sharing of experiences according to the results of the visit of a working delegation to twin-city Dortmund. The visit took place within the framework of the program of preparation for hosting 2018 World Football Cup in Rostov.   

The long-term cooperation agreement was signed with Great Britain.  

Delegation from Rostov also visited the Greek city Volos with an official visit, during which the matters of trade-and-economic cooperation and new economic relations were discussed, particularly, production of olive oil. In the result, the sides have signed a Declaration within the framework of twinning arrangement.      

It is worth to note, that Volos is the first twin-city of Rostov. This year we shall celebrate 60th anniversary of twin-city relations. 

One of the key aspects of the meeting was the agreement about information exchange and publications about Rostov-on-Don preparation for hosting 2018 World Football Cup in printed and e-media of the city of Volos.

It is important to note, that agreement about publication of the information of Rostov-on-Don preparation for hosting 2018 World Football Cup in foreign mass media is also achieved with a series of twin-cities, particularly with Dortmund, Le Mans, and Pleven.

Sergey Gorban, the Mayor of Rostov-on-Don, stresses that the goal of international policy of Rostov is to have as many equal partners as possible both in the West, and in the East.

Timeline of City Day Festivities of Rostov-on-Don
Film about Rostov is the Grand-Prix Winner at International Film Festival
Program of the Accordeon and Bayan Players World Cup 2016

Program of the Accordeon and Bayan Players World Cup 2016

Date of event: September 10 – 16, 2016

Venues: Theater Molodezhny, Gorky Theater, Musical Theater, Officers’ Club 


World Cup Concerts and Audition Sessions Time-Schedule 

10.09.2016, 19:00 — Rostov-on-Don City Day Gala Concert

11.09.2016, 18:00 — “World Cup, Welcome!” Outdoor Concert in Gorky Park   12.09.2016, 19:00 — “World Cup Champions Concert”, Theater Molodezhny

World Cup Competition Audition Sessions:

13, 14, 15.09.2016, 09:00 - 18:00, 16.09.2016, 09:00 - 12:00 -- Theater Molodezhny

13.09.2016,  19:00 -- “Russian Stars”, Gorky Theater

14.09.2016, 19:00 – Formal Opening of the Competition, “Beyond the Accordeon Limit”, Musical Theater

15.09.2016, 19:00 -- Concert “Our Kind”, Officers Club

16.09.2016, 15:00 – Formal Closing of the Competition, Prize-Winners Concert, Theater Molodezhny

16.09.2016, 19:00 – “World Music Masterpieces”, Gorky Theater

The Program of Special Film Releases BRIDGE of ARTS “Rostov Inspires!” Is Formed
Large-Scale Costume Historical Performance Shall Open Rostov Town Day 2016
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