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City Duma’s Committee on Economical Development: 19 of 20 Municipal Programs Delivered in 2014-2018 with High Efficiency

At the session of the Standing Committee of the City Duma on Economic Development, Investment, Industry and Energy, chaired by S. Zarevsky, the deputies listened to a report of the Director of the Department of Economics P. Korostieva. She reminded that the Department assessed the efficiency of the delivery of municipal programs according to two criteria: budget efficiency (a level of compliance of expenses with  estimated costs), as well as the level of achievement of the targets set in the programs. With the total estimated amount of funding for municipal programs from all sources reaching 171,384.7 million rubles, 157,130.1 million rubles (91.7%) were actually spent.  14 municipal programs were delivered with a high level of budget efficiency (over 90%) throughout 2014-2018. The integrated assessment of the achievement of the targets of municipal programs for the reporting period amounted to 99%. It was recognized as high for all the 20 programs. At the same time, the target indicators of 12 municipal programs were fully achieved. In general, 19 of 20 municipal programs were implemented with a high level of efficiency from 2014 through 2018. The integrated score of the effectiveness of delivery of municipal programs during the reporting period amounted to 95.4%. Last year 22 new municipal programs were adopted with an implementation period from 2019 through 2035.


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