The Lost World of the Quiet Don

An excursion to the Ethnographic Complex The Lost World is a journey into the world of archeology, where the lifestyle of people of past eras is reconstructed and educational programs are implemented.

Duration: one-day tour.

The history of the Don steppe is unique and unparalleled. Different peoples and tribes lived here at different times, assimilating with the previous ones. Therefore, the project of reconstruction of archaeological structures and dwellings of ancient times, The Lost World of Pukhlyakovskaya settlement, is vital for society, the younger generation and as an object of international ethnographic tourism.

The Ethnographic and Archaeological Complex The Lost World is engaged with the most promising areas of scientific research, as well as educational tourism and active recreation.

The following archaeological sites have been reconstructed: the Stone Age of the Don Region is represented by huts for living, a workshop for making stone tools, a workshop for making boats from solid wood. The Lost World of Pukhlyakovskaya settlement also represents objects of the Bronze Age: an ancient sanctuary, a residential house and a public building, ancient structures for farming, a wooden cart, a chariot base. There are buildings of the Middle Ages, of the times of the Cossacks, as well as a burial mound, where you can go and see everything with your own eyes.

A fascinating journey into the past, where on the Path of History you will visit settlements of the Stone and Bronze Ages, huts, sanctuaries and workshops of primitive people, and in the ancient kurgan, you will learn about mysteries of the rituals and beliefs of our distant ancestors.

The interactive programs will help you master skills and abilities of ancient hunters, fishermen, and nomads.

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