Maslenitsa Festival in Pukhlyakovsky Settlement (March 2022)

Maslenitsa Festival in Pukhlyakovsky Settlement (March 2022)

The tour starts at 10am (please come at 9.45am) in Sobornaya Square near the Monument to St Dimitry of Rostov.

Cossack dashing entertaining competitions: archery and crossbow shooting, dart and lasso throwing, sabring, whip and pike show astride the vine horse; a horse-drawn machine-gun mounting; patrol duty on the lookout and watch tower; taking care of the cattle pen, forging a poker for a Cossack woman in the smithery; regaling friends with wine in the wine vault and singing a Cossack song.

Fun games for Cossack girls: grinding flour using a mealing stone and peeling grains in the mortar, bringing water in large cooking pots from the well using a shoulder yoke, preparing trousseau and putting it in a small trunk; feeding poultry and collecting eggs in the poultry yard; setting an outdoor stove burning, making pancakes to treat the Cossacks.

Also, you can expect fun entertainments of the Maslenitsa festival: Maslenka amulet making master class, taking prizes from the pole, rope pulling, kettlebell lifting, sabre fencing, stilt walking, sack fighting on a beam. If there is snow, you will enjoy sledging and playing snowballs.

And the most important thing! A feast in the Cossack hut: ukha fish soup, pancakes served with sour cream, pickles, hot sbiten, herbal tea with honey, local wine, Cossack songs sung to accompaniment of the button accordion.

They will shoot a cannon at winter to celebrate Maslenitsa.

The festival ends with burning the figure of Maslenitsa with round dances and songs sung around the bonfire.

Children over 7 years old are allowed for the tour. The tour is 8 hours long.

Excursion bureau "ALBION-TOUR". Phone information: +7(863) 320-20-30; +7(863) 320-20-40


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