Taganrog, a Native Town of A. P. Chekhov Tour

Taganrog, a Native Town of A. P. Chekhov Tour

Tourists will visit old-time Taganrog: near the monument to its founder, Peter the Great, on the shore of the Azov Sea. They will visit a museum complex associated with A. P. Chekhov, whose plays are staged at the world’s leading theaters: a house where the writer was born, a gymnasium and a museum The Chekhovs’ Shop. Tourist attractions: monuments to Peter I and Emperor Alexander I, Pushkin Embankment, a monument to actress F. Ranevskaya, sculptural portraits of characters from Chekhov’s works. Tourists will see the famous Taganrog Stairs and a sun dial, a sea port, a house of P. I. Tchaikovsky, a gymnasium which he attended, a shop of the Chekhov family and a museum of local lore. It is possible to customize a tour at the customer’s request and visit the following museums: a museum of town planning and everyday living, an art gallery, the Memorial House of a circus artist V. Durov, Alferaki’s Palace.


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