Five Cities: From Rostov to Azov!

What can you do in a day? I will show you main historical sites and picturesque nooks of the Lower Don, recall old legends and tell you astonishing stories about Don Cossacks. The bus tour about five cities will unveil beauties of the Rostov region, it will be a surprise, a puzzle in some ways, but it will surely stand out in your memory, as it will give you a chance to catch the local flavor!

Rostov-on-Don. I will explain why there are two cities with the same name Rostov in Russia, and I will tell you about the founder of the Southern Capital. We will tour the main monuments:  the Iversky Convent and the ancient Armenian church Surp Khach, find a work of Eiffel’s followers and admire mansions of Bolshaya Sadovaya Street. You will hear stories about city residents and see houses where the physiologist Pavlov, the wife of Winston Churchill and the writer Fadeyev stayed and the famous Gorky Theater. We will enjoy a view of the picturesque embankment of the River Don and have a tour of the legendary Left Bank.

Aksay. Small Aksay enjoys a long and eventful history. We will visit a custom house of the 18th century, which used to be a powder room, an air-raid shelter, a warehouse of the canning plant over the years. You can visit a museum of the Soviet military equipment and go down to the shelter of the North Caucasus Military District, see a  post house, where Griboyedov, Lermontov, Pushkin, Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky stayed, and a house of the military commander Suvorov.

Starocherkassk and Novocherkassk. You will see an ancient capital of the Don Cossacks. You will see the Ataman courtyard and a palace of Ataman Efremov in Novocherkassk. I will show you shackles of Stepan Razin and the Military Cathedral of Christ's Resurrection built upon the decree of Peter I, Triumphal Arcs and fortress gates of defeated Azov.   If you wish to, you will taste dishes of the traditional Cossack cuisine and visit a themed museum  of Don Cossacks.

Azov. We will have a stroll along the embankment, explore the ramparts of the Azov Fortress. If you wish to, we will visit a history and archeology museum, which shows unique exhibits, for example, a skeleton of the dinotherium 8 million years old, bones of mammoths and a wealthiest collection of Scythian gold items.


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