Trip to Sholokhov Spring Festival in Veshenskaya Stanitsa

Trip to Sholokhov Spring Festival in Veshenskaya Stanitsa

Starting fr om 1985, Sholokhov Spring, a literature and folklore festival, is held every year in May. It attracts more and more people, as it is a truly remarkable event. After they get to know the Cossack land from Sholokhov’s works, many people want to see the Upper Don River area, vast steppes, Cossacks farmsteads and villages with their own eyes. We invite you to visit Veshenskaya stanitsa, wh ere you can touch the origins of literary genius of Mikhail Sholokhov. Veshenskaya is one of the most beautiful Cossack villages in the Don country. All the events take place in the open air irrespective of the weather, so please wear comfortable shoes, take headwear, sunglasses, an umbrella or a raincoat, a stool for sitting, a wrap, insect repellents and food for the trip and picnic (traditionally, a lot of people visit the festival, food service areas are numerous, but there can be queues, so you’d better have snacks with you).


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