Trip to Malinki Birds Park

Malinki Southern Birds Park is the largest birds park in the south of Russia and one of the five largest parks in our country. The park is 80 km away fr om Rostov-on-Don, and you can get there in an hour and a half. You will have a chance to see over 250 species and over 1,000 exotic feathered  specimen and other animals, not every Russian zoo  has a similar collection. You will be able to have a walk around the vast area of 22 hectares and come to the river bank. The park has gazebos, kids play grounds, a café, a beach, enclosures for animals and birds, both open and roofed, wh ere you can pet animals, feed them, as feeding is allowed there. As you enter the park, you can buy a special set of fruits and vegetables that birds and animals enjoy. Near the enclosures, there are special vending machines selling food, so you can feed parrots, llamas, racoons and other park dwellers.


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