Blooming Steppe Tulips Tour

Every spring in mid-April, a little miracle happens in the Rostovsky Nature Reserve.  The steppe smells sweet with fresh herbs, and banks of salt lakes get covered with a carpet of blossoming tulips and irises. The early spring flowers are different from robust garden plants, they are fragile, small and unusual, they shyly peep out through lush grass, making bright clearings. Flower blooming in the steppe is a unique phenomenon, which lasts no more than two weeks in a year. The steppe amazes with its vastness, fills your heart with awe-inspiring pride. During your walk along a special path, you will enjoy natural diversity of the Don steppes: blossoming iris and tulip fields. The steppe breaks into bloom, getting covered with bright red tulips, multicolored flags and many other herbs. The air is sweet with a fine smell of steppe flowers. Vising the eco path Puzzles of Manych Valley. Along the path, tourists get to know flora and fauna of the reserve, have a chance to enjoy a view of vast steppes from the viewing platform, learn the history of bringing steppes into cultivation from the times of nomads, take a photo with a Polovets stone figure, have a rest, breathing in salty air of Manych Gudilo Lake near the mooring. Also, you will have time for a picnic.


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Oryol district, Rostov region

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