City of Merchants and Cossack Flair

City of Merchants and Cossack Flair

You will have an adventure in Rostov-on-Don, revealing its two most important aspects: the history of the city of merchants that sprang up on the site of the fortress and the history of Don Cossacks inseparably associated with this land. You will walk around central streets and see the most popular sights, admire the Don River and visit a museum where you will connect with the history of the highbrow imperial guards. You will walk around old sidestreets and see the most popular places and prominent monuments of the city.

You will visit a museum with an exposition which is unique in Russia – in the Don Cossack Guard Cultural and Exposition Center. There you will see a unique private collection which a Rostovite Nikolay Novikov have been collecting for 25 years: documents, uniforms of Cossack troops, personal items, weapons and equipment. You will learn about Don Cossack jet set – three glorious units of the Russian Imperial Guards. After the tour, you will enjoy tea in Cossack style: herbal tea with traditional local treats, which come as a surprise for anybody!


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