Cossack, Peter and the Sturgeon!

Cossack, Peter and the Sturgeon!

This interesting story begins in the Don Cossack Guards Cultural and Exhibition Center, which has Russia's only exposition on the two-century history of Cossack Guards regiments, that guarded the Russian emperors. The exhibits are original documents, photos, uniforms, weapons and equipment. Here you will taste Cossack coffee, made over the sand and served with herring in line with the Cossack Guard traditions. Then you walk along Bogatyanovsky Descent down to the Don, where Emperor Peter I set foot, where he drank water from the spring and called it “a rich well”. You will hear the whole story about Peter and the free Don.

And after that, you will enjoy a view of the embankment of the full-flowing, navigable Father Don, and this natural masterpiece is the pride of Rostov residents. You will hear a story about rich fish resources of the Don, that the Don was the main spawning river, where the sturgeon rose to spawn, and some specimen weighed more than one hundred kilograms. However, since 2000, industrial fishing of sturgeon has been prohibited. And local enthusiastic entrepreneurs began to grow sturgeon on their farms. And you will visit one of them. The tour is interesting: it shows a full cycle of fish growing, from being born to being sold. The tour’s highlight is a lunch with tasting of caviar and sturgeon at the city’s restaurant.

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