Botanic Garden of the Southern Federal University

Botanic Garden of the Southern Federal University

During 75 years of its existence this remarkable refuge of nature developed into one of the Russia-largest educative, resource, information, and cultural centers. Its current area with diverse terrain, soils, and vegetation totals to over 160,5 Hectares. The unique monument of nature within the limits of enormous metropolis is so interesting due to the fact that over 6500 species of trees, shrubs, and herbs thrive here.

Four green-houses with the total area of 1064 m² contain the largest in the South of Russia collection of tropical and subtropical plants from different zones of Africa, South-Eastern Asia, central and Southern America, Australia, and New Zeeland. The collection counts about 1000 species, varieties, sorts, and forms of 85 families. At the territory of Botanic garden there is unique subterranean mineral spring with large deposit of potable water of medicinal-and-table type. The spring is treated like an  orthodox Christian sanctity named after reverend Seraphim of Sarov. 

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