Left bank of the Don river (LevBerDon)

Left bank of the Don river (LevBerDon)
A visitor will find restaurants, cafes, night clubs, hotels, and recreation centers at the Left Bank. This area is famous for its Caucasian-and-the Don area cuisine, shashlik (shish kebab) of mutton and salmon, crayfish, and genuine Cossack fish broth (ukha). It is a matter of honor for a Rostov dweller to take his guest out to “Peter the Great’s Quay” (Petrovsky Prichal) restaurant-and-hotel complex. As legend puts it, it is in this picturesque area where Peter the Great of Russia dined with his combatants and gained strength before the capture of the fortress of Azov. There is such a saying in Rostov: “Don’t dare say, you were in Rostov, save you dined in “Peter the Great’s Quay” (Petrovsky Prichal).” Worth to note, that it also includes the “Old Mill (Staraya Melnitsa)” restaurant, Cossack ethnic settlement “Stanitsa Tcherkasskaya”, including a museum of viniculture, and hotel for the visitors of Rostov.
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