“Donskoy” Wildlife Park

The state wildlife preserve area of the Rostov region “Donskoy Wildlife Park” was established after the decree of the Rostov region administration on September 8, 2005.

The wildlife park territory comprises of two separate parts: “The Don Delta” and “Ostrovnoy”. “The Don Delta” part is located within the territory of the Azov, Myasnikovsky and Neklinovsky districts of Rostov region, the “Ostrovnoy” part lies within the territory of the Tsimlyansk district of Rostov region. The total area is 40955,13 hectares, the “Don Delta” part area is 27047,75 hectares, the “Ostrovnoy” part total area is 14000 hectares.

The Don river delta vegetable cover peculiar feature is its heterogeneity, related in the most to the floodplain and alluvial river activity, presence of the developed mesorelief, complexity of soil cover and the anthropogenic effect. The vegetative assemblages change according to the moistening extent, substratum salinity extent and soil mechanic compound.

The valley nature of the territory and presence of a large number of water resources in general defines the Don river delta features, conditions the ecological peculiarities of the animal life. Thus, the territory is mostly inhabited by the species, typical for the water and valley lands and independent from the anthropogenic factors.

The main goals of the work is the biological diversity preservation, environment protection, research and ecological activity, combined with the tourism and recreation spheres.

The most common violations of the wildlife protection regime are the violations of hunting and fishing regulations, fire safety regulations, pollution of the territory with the litter and garbage, natural resources mining, illegal cuttings, etc. The violations are being prevented by the mobile patrol groups, equipped with off-road means of transportation and means of communication.

The territory scientific research is carried out by the zoology department and the biological station of the biology and soil study faculty of the Rostov State University. The scientists carry out the territorial geo-botanical researches and the biological diversity inventory.

The wildlife park territory is very convenient for ecological education and up-bringing, attracting a variety of educational, ecological professional and social organizations and institutions.

Ecotourism is traveling to places with relatively untouched nature, to learn the cultural and ethnographic peculiarities of particular territory, without disturbing the local ecosystem integrity.

This tourism type presupposes visits to ecologically clean natural preserve territories, wildlife and natural landscapes observation. The main and basic aims of the ecological tourism are the cognition, education, up-bringing and ecological enlightenment.

The state wildlife preserve area of the Rostov region “Donskoy Wildlife Park” fulfills the territorial recreation facilities provision, develops the ecological paths and routes on a variety of themes and orientations, such as the ecological routes for educational institutions, creation of landscape glades with "forest furniture".


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