Chapman (Ambulant Merchant)

Truth be told, it is not the contemporary shop girl from a supermarket, but their “grandfather” – chapman, who carried in a special basket box all sorts of things: from bead necklaces and sewing thread spools to textiles and books.

Per se the sculpture by Dmitry Luindin is named precisely “Chapman”. Though merry city-dwellers already renamed the statue into “The Monument to the First Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Worker”, and some of them out of ignorance call it a merchant.

Bearded and broad-shouldered the chapman holds at his shoulder the basket box, which has an inscription: “Righteous merchantry brings good gain”. The city residents have a belief – if you give a rub to chapman clothes with your palm, your wish comes true, and you pocket more money. That is why chapman clothes are shining bright at certain spots. Next to his leg there is a cat, and the tourist love to make snap-shots mounting the cat.

And it is true that the cat is not the least important element of the ensemble. If it were not for the cat, the chapman will lose the bigger part of his attractiveness. And as a pair they have a well deserved popularity – standing in the main street, Bolshaya Sadovaya, right across the street to the central department store and give fun to the visitors and residents of the city. Kids like to mount the bronze cat, and adult citizens caress it – just for good luck. That is why the cat’s back is polished bright and gleams bronze-yellow any season of the year.

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