Kumzhenskaya Roshcha Memorial Complex

territory of the park Kumzhenskaya grove

The monument is located along the main alley. The Kumzhenskaya Roshcha Memorial features five pylons, four stelae of Glory, the monument Storm and commemorative plates with carved names of military units that participated in the battles for Rostov. The pylons are faced with grey marble. The centerpiece of the Kumzhenskaya Roshcha Memorial is the Storm Monument. On the granite pedestal is a sculptural group of soldiers going into the assault. An 18-meter metal arrow rises high above it. It indicates a direction of the main blow of the Soviet troops. Next to the monument is a mass grave of perished soldiers. Their names are engraved on the granite slabs.

The sculptural group portrays real faces of the city's liberators: the woman with a gun in her hands is Alexandra Nozadze, a native of Abkhazia and Political Instructor of the company of the 1151st Rifle Regiment of the 343rd Rifle Division of the 56th Army; next to her is the company's Commander, an ethnic Karelian, Lieutenant Vladimir Milovidov, whom, after his death, Alexandra replaced, and the Commander of the Machine Gun Company, Junior Lieutenant Aleksey Filippov.

The authors of the complex are architect R. Muradyan, sculptors B. Lapko and E. Lapko.

In 2005, a time capsule was laid at the base of the monument. The letter to descendants is to be opened in 2045.