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Sherry Hall:

This new, modern hotel is situated not far from Teatralnaya Square and Carl Marx Square and offers accommodation in 25 rooms of “economy class”, “business class”, “exclusive” and “suite” categories. The cost of accommodation includes breakfast (except economy class). Services for guests: a restaurant with European cuisine, sauna with two swimming pools, Turkish bath and massage.
The hotel provides long-distance communications, Wi-Fi Internet, satellite TV, personal services (laundry, ironing, mending of clothes), mini bars in rooms (drinks, cigarettes), and the secured parking lot.

+7 (863) 295 54 54,
+7 (863) 295 58 24.

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Rostov-on-Don, 9-ya Liniya, 13

Сайт: www.cherihotel.ru

Email: bron@cherihotel.ru

+7 (863) 295-54-54, +7 (863) 295-54-29

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