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Unique Cinema Stanitsa to Open near Kumzhenskaya Grove in Rostov:

Unique Cinema Stanitsa to Open near Kumzhenskaya Grove in Rostov
The setting for the movie Ataman, which is currently produced near Starocherkasskaya stanitsa, will be brought there. 

The settings were originally arranged on the grounds of the former Fortress of Saint Anna near Starocherkasskaya stanitsa (Aksaysky district) to make a film series, Ataman, for the NTV Channel. It recounts the life story of the iconic Don ataman Matvey Platov. By September 15, 2018, they will have been brought to Kumzha Ethnographical Complex in Zheleznodorozhny district of Rostov-on-Don.

Kumzha’s leadership expect the Cossack settlement, stanitsa, with a church and a central square, to be the pivot of the ethnographical complex. These facilities will form a vivid open-air museum of Cossack architecture and living, which will make it possible to use them for cultural, educational, tourist and recreational purposes. Filming and festivals will also take place there.

The cinema stanista is expected to open for visitors in the new place in mid-September.

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