Volna, aquatic and athletic health complex

Volna, aquatic and athletic health complex

In 1975 at the sport complex "Dinamo" in Rostov-on-Don a 50 meter swimming pool was put into operation, which became a center of development of water sports in our city.

At the present time there are only three similar swimming pools in the city, which are able to host big sport events and allow to prepare athletes for the honor of the Don Region.

At present the walls of the "Volna" swimming pool are actively developing such kinds of sports as water polo, water skiing, modern pentathlon, triathlon, diving, classic sport and recreational swimming.

Not only sports groups are actively developed in the walls of the pool "Wave", but also areas such as regenerative medicine, we have one of the best medical centers "Biodynamics" to help you cope with problems arising from injuries, operations or diseases.

Also, customers can use the pool and other services, such as parking, services of gyms, to buy sports equipment or travel vouchers.

The working hours are from 7.30 to 22.00, without breaks and weekends.

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Volna, aquatic and athletic health complex

Tekucheva Ul., 149 (the Central City Hospital area, “Dynamo” stadium).

Site: https://dinamo-rostov.ru/

+7(863) 310-81-03 (administrator)

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