The Maxim Gorky Park

The park, located in the heart of the city, is the oldest and most famous holiday destination of Rostovites. Its origin is associated with the name of merchant A. Yashchenko, who bequeathed his plot of land for the construction of the City Garden. It is also known that the Rostov society bought four "small kindergartens" by the order of the Taganrog town governor PA Papkov, who merged into one City Garden. Already in 1813 it was noted that the public garden was young, but beautiful. Since 1840, 2 to 6 thousand trees have been planted here annually. Through the efforts of the townspeople the garden was transformed, and already in the middle of the 19th century the local press was delighted with its beauties. Since 1932 the garden has received the name of the writer M. Gorky, and then gradually began to be called a park.

The park has always been a place of pilgrimage for Rostovites. Firstly, because the entrance was free. Secondly, in a beautiful and well-groomed area, it's nice to relax, make acquaintances, and there have been plenty of amusements at all times. Before the revolution, there were a flower garden, a children's playground with swings and gymnastic shells, swimming pools with swans, a bowling alley, a shooting range, an open stage, a choir of singers, a brass band, buffets, coffee shops, restaurants. Flowers and palms were specially planted in greenhouses. Once, even from its territory, a balloon rose.

The park consists of two tiers. In the "upper park" are concentrated attractions (including for fans of thrills), a ferris wheel, from which a beautiful view of the city, cozy cafes with outdoor areas. On weekends and holidays on the summer stage there are concerts, entertainment programs, competitions, festivals.

On the avenues of the park you can meet artists, portraitists, who in a short time will draw your portrait. "Lower Park" is famous for unique, unique in Russia a flower carpet: every year on one square meter of the earth is planted 800 plants!

At the entrance to the park from the side of Bolshaya Sadovaya there is a geographical sign "city center". It allows you to find out the distance from Rostov to different cities in the world - Paris, Rio de Janeiro or New York ... Here, too, handicrafts from beads, stones, various souvenirs are sold; collect coin collectors, fans of chess and backgammon, with whom you can "drive the fellow". In the park "gallery under the open sky" are exhibited for sale paintings by Rostov artists. Even if you are not going to buy anything, just be like - you will have great pleasure from contemplating the various manners of the letter and the variety of subjects of the works.
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The Maxim Gorky Park

Rostov-on-Don, B. Sadovaya Str., 45

(863) 240-23-87, (863) 240-45-62

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