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"Tanais: To be a Guest of Clyo". This tour includes visiting of "Tanais" archeological museum-preserve and Nedvigovka khutor. The program supposes also taking lessons in ancient handicraft, friendly sittings near the bonfire, followed by taking phyto-tea and listening to the interesting stories, told by the archeologists. 
"Zaitsevka". Rocky ridge, situated 150 km away of Rostov-on-Don, where there are arranged various mountaineering trainings and gatherings. The height of said rocks reaches 32 m, while the rocky ridge proper is 500 m long. 
"How the Cossacks Set Off to Find Salt" (Don river, Zelyony and Bystry islands (Green and Swift islands). This program comprises: sporting & rehabilitation contests, psychological relaxation, active leisure and recreation.

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