Urent Electric Kick Scooters Rental

Urent Electric Kick Scooters Rental
Rent an electric kick scooter using Urent app on your phone.

Travel about the city without jams – rent without deposits.

Our electric kick scooters can put on a speed of up to 25 km per hour, go up to 30 km, when fully charged.

Rent it in a couple of clicks! You will need only 3 minutes to start:

  • Download the app. It is available for iOS and Android through the link;

  • Register. You will need only a phone number and a bank card (you can also add Apple Pay or Google Pay).

  • Find an electric scooter on the map or scan the QR code on its handlebar, if you are next to it. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Now there are no excuses to avoid fast riding with your whole family or friends in the park – rent up to 5 electric kick scooters from Urent using one account, following all the instructions to rent each of them consecutively.

Details on the website сайте.

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