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History of Rostov-on-Don:

History of Rostov-on-Don

The history of the transformation of Rostov-on-Don into one of the biggest cities of the South of Russia was dynamic: from official admittance of Rostov as the city (1806) to the period of its intense growth and development (1880–1900) there passed less than hundred years. But well in advance in 1749 on the place of the modern Rostov by the order of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna there was founded Temernitskaya customs house. 

Since then this time was commonly accepted as the countdown of the city history. Another predecessor of Rostov-on-Don was the fortress founded in 1761 for protection of Southern Russian borders by the order of Elizabeth too. It was named after holy hierarch Dimitry (1651–1709), metropolitan of Rostov and Yaroslavl wellknown for his outreach educational activity. 

Gradually the name was transforming: Dimitry Rostovsky fortress, Rostov fortress, then simply Rostov and finally with the view to differentiate the city from the ancient Rostov the city was named Rostov-on-Don. The city was situated at the crossing of land and water routes that ensured its growth and development and the commercial port accepted the ships of Russian, Greek, Italian, Turkish, Armenian and Persian merchants.

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