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Treasures of the Don Steppes Tour:

The exposition Treasures of the Don Steppes is a gem and trademark of the Rostov Regional Museum of Local History and Geography. The exhibits include items from the Five Brothers kurgan group of Elizavetovskoye burial mound site (2nd half of the 4th c. BC), which are on the humanity's shared cultural heritage list.  They are a Scythian gorytos featuring scenes from the life of an ancient Greek hero Achilles, a reconstructed ceremonial outfit of a Scythian king, a ceremonial horse harness. The crown jewel of the exposition is a reconstructed kalathos, Scythian women’s headwear.

Rostov Regional Museum of Local Lore, +7 (863) 263-55-72,
Rostov-on-Don, st. Bolshaya Sadovaya, 79,

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