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MSIDOS, Spring:

From reflections on relations between people, we transition to Spring – a mural by an artist Maksim Sidorov, known under the pseudonym MSIDOS. It portrays a girl surrounded by flowers and birds. The work is very light, bright, fresh, but a few moments later you notice a space helmet on the character’s head. And it is no small thing. The mural focuses on environmental issues. In spring you want to breathe in fresh air, but you cannot do it, as the fuel is burnt and plants operate around, says the painter to the viewers. With this work, MSIDOS urges to remove space helmets for a while and breathe in the air we have.

Despite its seeming cheerfulness, it is a noir portrait with tragedy bursting through the bright colors and light lines.

The mural continues on a wall nearby: its second part features flowers and birds against the concrete-grey background.

Maksim Sidorov is an artist, photographer and graphic designer from Novocherkassk. His creative works, both street art and illustrations, are imbued with film noir aesthetics of old American detective films. The influence is evident even in the vibrant Spring, where Maksim uses some experimental details: flourishes, color spots, gradient.


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MSIDOS, Spring

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