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Anastasiya Babich:

The mermaid emerges from the spray-painted sea foam in Sotsialisticheskaya Street. It is a work by the artist Anastasiya Babich. Anastasiya has always been emotional about the sea theme: she says that she only needs a huge salty water basin to have an ideal life in Rostov. The mermaid is bright and cheerful, as it was created in an infatuated state, and the lines in the mural confirm it: “Close your eyes” and “Open your heart”. It is critical to keep your heart open to understand the world, as the main guide in the most important issues is always inside us.

And the lighthouse on another wall makes it certain. It is not just a landmark in the sea voyage, but also a reference point in the life journey.

The Rostov-based artist Anastasiya Babiсh introduces herself as an “ambassador of the turquoise color”. Indeed, her works are rich in this shade. She is also an advocate of the sea, lighthouses, mermaids and whales. Anastasiya is a professional illustrator and mural artist, crafting magical and bright pictures. In the interview for Nothing Terrible Festival, she said, “I simply love to add vibrant and kind pictures to our streets.”

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Anastasiya Babich

Address :
Sotsialisticheskaya St., 141

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