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Anton Sakvo:

If there is a hole in the wall, you need a picture to hide it. Or better a carpet. With this in mind, Anton Sakvo created his work on the cracked brick wall of a historical building, which is another mural on our route. What can be homier than a carpet, the author wonders, and he gives an answer: only a carpet with a cat and a ficus in the pot, a pinnacle of home comfort. Anton’s creative pursuits resulted in the bright and fun picture. The artist describes his style as fun minimalist graphics. And he adds that if anyone feels homier and more cheerful, after they look at the mural, then he achieved his aim.

Anton Sakvo is a Moscow-based painter and tattoo artist. Over 20 years, Anton has been experimenting with new artistic movements, from graffiti to full-scale colorful murals, from minimalism to realism. It is not the first visit of the artist to Rostov – and he speaks of the city with great warmth, emphasizing that street art will paint and brighten up the vibrant southern streets. What else does Rostov need, according to Anton? Reconstruction and preservation of cultural heritage sites. Practically any other Russian city needs that.

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Anton Sakvo

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Universitetsky Per., 28

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