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Iliya Mozgi, Aground:

The mural at the intersection of Sedov Street and Chekhov Avenue is titled Aground, its author is Iliya Mozgi. Against the light background, there is a girl painted in grey and black with a boat on her shoulder as if it went aground. The image – a feeling of a pause hanging in the air – came to Ilya's head after long soul-searching, hence a thoughtful expression on the face of the character, with her eyes nearly closed as if in hesitation. The mural poses questions to the viewers: Whom does the boat belong? Where is its owner? Has he or she left for good or for a while to do other things? One thing is clear: both boat and its owner are far away from home.

Iliya Mozgi is an artist from Yekaterinburg and one of organizers of a partisan festival of street art Carte Blanche. He took part in various street art events, had dozens of exhibitions in Russia and abroad, and in 2020, he got into Street Art, a British almanac by Simon Armstrong. Social issues have always been focal points of Iliya's artistic endeavors: he urges to think about various things, from the state of modern cities to the inner world of a person.

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Iliya Mozgi, Aground

Address :
at the corner of Chekhova Prospekt and Sedova Ulitsa

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