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Waybread by the duet Couple of creators:

Waybread by the duet Couple of creators

“Your entire life only happens in this moment” is a quote by the German writer Eckhart Tolle. The creative duet Couple of creators wrote its Russian translation on the wall of the ruinated house. The wall is the last thing remained of the building gone for good. However, optimism and an intent to get healed are seen in the work of the painters. It is no worth regretting about what happened, otherwise grievous memories would ruin the heart from inside just the way time ruined the house. You should live in the present moment. Bright colors, flowers and lettering only highlight the call. 

The artists chose the waybread for good reason - the medicinal plant has been associated with wound healing from the earliest times. 

Couple of creators is a duet of Rostov painters Yulya Jk and Vanya Make. Vanya is keen on calligraphy and lettering, painting letters on walls, while Yulya’s strength is illustration. Together they create bright works where text and drawing are harmoniously interlaced. As part of the first Nothing Terrible Festival in 2021, Couple of creators painted a wall of Megamag Mall, and right after that they got down to painting a wall in Moskovskaya Street, a project that was much talked about.

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Waybread by the duet Couple of creators

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