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Abstractions and surrealism are intertwined in the artwork by Aleksey Kasseta, occupying the whole wall. It consists of several blocks, each of them is self-standing, but their subjects are related. Aleksey conceived the project on the wall of that size as a set of separate pictures that he uses to talk with viewers on the flow of time and balance of color schemes in their interaction.

Interestingly, he uses not only a traditional instrument of street artists – spray paints. More often Aleksey opts for paint rollers and brushes, he shades and mixes paints to get the result he needs. It is a continual experiment and a constant dialog, a never-ending discussion. You cannot help but examining the wall to find something new on it at every turn. 

Aleksey Kasseta, also known as BASF, is a self-taught painter from Rostov. His works are constant experiments with senses, materials and canvases. Over the recent years, the painter has shifted away from traditional graffiti, and he has literally taken a brush in his hand, adopting a more abstract and free style.

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Budennovsky Pr., 53

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