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Li Ande Roman Therma:

We start our walk around the most interesting locations, related to street art in Rostov-on-Don, with a classical theme. You see a work of the young artist Li Ande, Roman Therma. It is based on a painting The Frigidarium, created by a British artist Lawrence Alma-Tadema in 1890. The frigidarium fr om Latin is a cold room, a place for cooling and bathing in the cold water after the steam room. In the foreground of the picture painted in 1890, we see a servant-girl helping her lady to get dressed, on the background, a few elegant naked women near the water. The work you see now was painted in summer 2019. For a more harmonious view, the artist portrayed people and items in inversed manner.

Li Ande is a creative alias of the artist Lida Zheleznyak. Lida graduated from the Grekov Art School, Rostov, she got into street art in 2018 as part of the project Touching the Eternity. “My friends businessmen and me are great adventurers. Together, we decided to try to create a piece of a picture gallery in Rostov. Residents welcomed the first work very warmly, photos got shared on the social media. We decided to proceed. These works are all about my love to art and the native city,” says the artist. Lida calls FAKTURA Cluster, wh ere her studio is located, one of her favorite places in Rostov-on-Don. Most often she opts for the old part of the city, from the railway station down to Nakhichevan, for her walks.

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Li Ande Roman Therma

Address :
Bolshaya Sadovaya Street., 46

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