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FAKTURA Space, Art Abstract:

FAKTURA Space, Art Abstract

In front of you is a diptych by the artist Art Abstraktov, which he called Avant-garde series #96 R and Avant-garde series # 97 R. The diptych was created in 2021 as part of the project Nothing Fearful of the Rostov Art Gallery. The artist concealed a lettering composition in his work, dividing it into geometrical forms. If you look closer, you can discern not only the artist’s pseudonym, but also an abbreviation for Rostov-on-Don in the English language.

The artist Art Abstraktov lives and works in Samara. Beside abstract and emotional works, he is also close to conceptual art. He broke into street art in 2006, when he was a student of a railway school. “I have been interested in street art culture from childhood. I watched action films, on the videotape way then, and in the background, you could often see graffiti,” says the artist. When he worked on the diptych, Art Abstraktov walked about the city a lot. He was most impressed by mosaics in the underground passages and Paramonov’s warehouses.

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FAKTURA Space, Art Abstract

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