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Flanking Composition The Year of the Child :

Flanking Composition The Year of the Child

Finishing of the underground passage at the intersection of Voroshilovsky Avenue and Bolshaya Sadovaya Street started in 1979 and lasted a whole year. The main theme of the pictures is children, as the United Nations announced that year as the International Year of the Child. In the сenter of two compositions at the entrance to the tunnel of the underpass, there is an emblem of the International Year of the Child 1979. The emblem features a child surrounded by wheat spikes and reaching out to the mother bending to it. In the compositions, there are cartoon characters popular with Soviet children: Cheburashka, Gena the Crocodile, Buratino, Know-Nothing, the Wolf and the Hare from Well, Just You Wait! Series, the Olympic Mishka.

On the opposite wall, you can see a popular Soviet children’s game – playing mock Indians. Indians are native people of Northern and Southern America. Due to active acquisition of American lands by Europeans, the fate of Indian tribes is tragic. The native tribes bravely defended their lands from the conquerors. Soviet boys and girls greatly enjoyed projecting the world of scorching prairies, full of dangers and romance, as the good and the evil were very clear, and the Indians were always winners in this game. To play the game, they put on a mask of Indians. They made Indian headwear: headbands with feathers, war-painted their faces. The game was active, in the fresh air, beneficial to health. The stunning poppy field, and a mischievous girl wearing a particolored dress stretched her arms on the edge of a thick forest full of secrecies and characters from fairy-tales. Children going with a nursery teacher. Everything is filled with serenity, joy of life.

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Flanking Composition The Year of the Child

Address :
underpass at Voroshilovsky Ave /Bolshaya Sadovaya St

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