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Gallery Rostov-on-Don :

On one of the walls of the north-eastern gallery, there is Voroshilovsky Bridge – one-way back then. We will never see it again: the reconstructed bridge across the Don is two-way, and it slightly changed its configuration. The span of the bridge has a Soviet emblem of Rostov-on-Don. And young Rostovites are taking speedboat rides and doing water-skiing along the Don near the bridge… There is an outline of the city, and you can see how Rostov-on-Don grew, expanded its boundaries over the past 40+ years…

It is very interesting to look at the right bank of the Don, where quarters of Rostov-on-Don are located. Master Labintsev pictured them, as he imagined Rostov-on-Don in the future. A number of skyscrapers rising high above the Don bank, lush vegetation, a round building resembling an open-air stage. Buildings that you can recognize are not numerous: the House of the Soviets, Balcany Restaurant, a building of the design institute with the signage Rostov-on-Don, a long building with a small tower on the roof – the Sedov Nautical College and the Water Transport Institute. A light-weight construction bridge connects the city with Zeleny island, where Labintsev put a huge monument resembling the Statue of Liberty in New York City. You can only make wild guesses, what the creator of the mosaic pictures wanted to say with that.

You can take long walks around the underpasses, looking closely at the works of the genuine mosaic masters. The pictures decorating the walls under the ground are true works of art! And Rostov-on-Don is the only city in Russia that has these mosaics. And it is a special bragging right for Rostovites!

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Gallery Rostov-on-Don

Address :
pedestrian underpass at Moskovskaya St/Budennovsky Ave/Stanislavsky St

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