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Tabachka. Center:

Is it possible to turn an old industrial building into a place for recreation, creativity and implementation of creative ideas? Yes, it is. Tabachka, as locals call the former tobacco factory of Asmolov for short, is a proof of that. Over the area of more than 30,000 square meters, city residents and visitors have photo sessions, relax in recreational establishments with bright signs, enjoy southern delicacies in restaurants and cafes or even work in offices in the heart of Rostov.

Tabachka is a venue located between two streets: Krasnoarmeyskaya Ulitsa, 170 and Gorkogo Ulitsa, 151. Over 160 years ago, a major merchant Vasily Asmolov, opened a tobacco factory there. In those days, it became famous all over the world and played a huge role in development of tobacco industry in Russia. It put special emphasis on quality of its products, which received awards at exhibitions in Vienna, Philadelphia and Paris, and the labels featured a mark of quality of those times – a seal “Supplier of His Imperial Majesty’s Court.”

In 2005, thanks to a city-level program aimed at improving the city’s environment, the factory moved production from the center of Rostov to the industrial area on the left bank of the Don River. A new era for Tabachka began then. The building of the tobacco factory was reconstructed to restore its unique original appearance. Also, the former workshops turned into places for the most challenging, distinctive and ambitious businesses. The venue is home to restaurants and bars, shops, offices, coworking facilities, a video studio, a fitness center and many other points of attraction.

It is very atmospheric there in the evening during a warm season, when street lighting is on, and numerous outdoor dining areas are buzzing with boisterous talk.

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Tabachka. Center

Address :
Krasnoarmeyskaya Ulitsa, 170 and Gorkogo Ulitsa, 151

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