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The beautiful old building constructed in 1912 got new life in 2020. The house at Suvorova Ulitsa, 30/35 used to witness sessions of the Stock Exchange Society and meetings of wealthy local merchants. They made deals for purchase and sale of goods, conducted various transactions with securities and foreign currencies.

In these latter days, Vokrug-Center has become a fraction of the creative world in Rostov. Nearly every local resident knows about this place, partly because of the city’s most popular photo locations in the small yard of the creative cluster. That is the inscription that reads: “Rostov is the capital of the whole world.”

You can spend the whole day at Vokrug Center Cluster. You can start with exploring locations for work and coffee shops with special drinks in the inner yard of the space. You can drop into one of the numerous cafes for lunch, there are quite enough options to choose from. They offer dishes of Asian and European cuisines. When you call it a day with your work, you can go up to the second floor and visit stores offering apparel and footwear from local brands, get some facial treatments or a massage or attend one of the events that take place in the large hall. Pay attention to pictures by a Rostov-based artist Lida Zheleznyak, which decorate the walls. The evening falls – and it’s high time to find a bright sign at Vokrug-Center and hang out in a bar, drinking an author’s cocktail. And it is only one of numerous ways to spend your time at Vokrug-Center Creative Cluster!

It is an awesome space in the heart of the historical center of Rostov-on-Don: atmospheric, inspiring, multi-faceted. By the way, it is a dog-friendly venue, so don’t hesitate to take your pet with you and explore Vokrug-Center in your own way.

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Suvorova Ulitsa, 30/35


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