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Rostov Art Gallery:

It may be news to many that there is a quieter space in Soborny Street, which has been a place for boisterous parties since 2018. It is the Rostov Art Gallery. It occupies the second floor of an old building and has two halls and a workshop. In addition to exposition of paintings, the main hall of the gallery is also a venue for presentations, musical and poetic events, lectures, performance art shows and film screenings.

The Rostov Art Gallery is a public space where modern local and national artists exhibit their works.

Even festivals are held on the premises of the Rostov Gallery. In spring 2021, Nothing Terrible Art Project focused on street art was launched at the Rostov Gallery. It included art residency, within which street artists from all over Russia painted walls of the gallery and organized an exhibition. In 2022, the festival got out of the gallery’s walls. Thirty street artists created graffiti works and murals in the urban environment.

Every week, from Wednesday through Sunday, the gallery arranges art exhibitions, master classes, meetings of professional artists, architects, designers and other creative professionals.

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