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Mayak Lecture Hall:

The Mayak Lecture Hall is a place for those who appreciate intellectual recreation that is not boring. They organize absorbing lectures on culture and science, sightseeing walking tours, sightseeing quests for adults and kids. And if you are such an avid reader that you can finish a thick book in a week or even in a day, you should attend a session of the Mayak Literary Club.

Russian symbols and unique souvenirs get special emphasis at the lecture hall. These are Russian Matryoshka dolls, samovars and wooden plates with Khokhloma painting. The Mayak Lecture Hall organizes lectures giving a detailed account of these famous Russian symbols, and everyone interested can look closely at them, examine them and buy them for their own pleasure or as a gift for the nearest and dearest.

The Mayak lecturers are art experts, researchers and professors of leading higher educational establishments, but, most importantly, these are people who are passionate about their job and know how to make others become enthusiastic about it.

The like-minded people get together at the Mayak Lecture Hall to enjoy warm meetings. They dim the lights, light scented candles, wrap into bright blankets in the hall and make delicious hot tea. You feel good, comfortable and calm, as if you are at home. You should only choose an activity you like out of the list offered by the creative space.

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Mayak Lecture Hall

Address :
Chekhova ave. 35/30



+7(999) 483-63-12

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