Fountain at Theater Square

Fountain at Theater Square

Atlantes Fountain is located in the main square of Rostov-on-Don, in Theater Square. It is the most famous and the largest fountain of the city. The composition appeared in 1936, after the Gorky Theater was built. The space in front of the building was improved, and next to the theater, a picturesque fountain was set up upon the project of the renowned sculptor E. V. Vuchetich. The fountain has a square basin with a central sculptural group of atlantes on the pedestal, they hold a flat basin with sprays shooting up in the air. The group stands on a round stepped podium surrounded with boxes with figures of frogs and turtles shooting horizontal jets. The basin is also framed with them.

The fountain underwent two reconstructions. The first was in the 1950s, when the fountain was fully restored, as during the Great Patriotic War, the fountain had been destroyed. The second large-scale reconstruction was in 1999, before celebrations of the 250th anniversary of Rostov. Following the restoration, the fountain got back its original look. Only materials changed: originally, figures were made of concrete with white cement, now, sculptures of atlantes, frogs and turtles are made in a copper punching technique, and the pedestal is clad with natural stone.

Now, the fountain is one of the most popular recreation sites of Rostovites and a must-visit place for newlyweds. In the evening, the fountain is illuminated with various lights. For many decades, the fountain has been an eye candy for those who live or visit the city.

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