SKA Stadium

SKA Stadium consists of several parts: a main sports arena with stands, a football pitch, a water sports facility, a track and fields facility and, of course, many sports grounds. It was built in 1971, it had two-tier stands and a seating capacity of 27,300 viewers. In 2016-2018, large-scale reconstruction was performed, all the stands were demolished, after that the seating capacity is 2,200 people, a digital display was installed, and racetracks were renovated. The revamped arena was officially opened on March 23, 2019. It is a home stadium of FC SKA.

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SKA Stadium

Категории (теги): #Развлекательный (досуговый) #Спортивный

Адрес :
Furmanovskaya St., 150

+7 (863) 235-25-00

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