Olymp 2 Stadium

Olymp 2 Stadium (formerly Rostselmash Stadium) was built in 1930. However, not only the plant’s team played there. From 1958 through 1970, another Rostov’s club – SKA – had its home games there. Over the years, different clubs, such as Grêmio from Brazil, Rapid Vienna, Romanian Steaua, Turkish Galatasaray, Italian Juventus and French Auxerre, played at the Rostov stadium.   By the way, in the 1950s, the stadium of the Rostselmash Plant was the ninth largest arena in the Soviet Union: its seating capacity was 32,000 thanks to two-tier stands. In 2009, the Southern Stands were constructed, and more than 5 years later, the arena got a finished look again. In 2010, a new video display was installed.

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