Levoberezhny Park

Levoberezhny Park Opened on May 1, 2018  

The park stretches along Rostov Arena stadium on the site of the city’s former central beach.

Levoberezhny Park is one more place where locals and visitors can have a rest and enjoy their leisure time. Notably, it is not only about adults, but about kids as well. The park has a family recreation area complete with technologically advanced and safe playground equipment.

Besides, there are fields for sports fans, where they can play beach volleyball, football, court and table tennis, badminton or ride a bike.

The total area of kids’ playgrounds is 4,600 sq. m, with sports fields having an area of 13,600 sq. m. The bike lane area amounts to 4,400 sq. m.

And all these are set against beautiful landscaping.

502 trees, 2,922 bushes, 1,999 perennial plants, grass lawns with a total area of 26,400 sq. m were planted in the park. Drinking fountains were set up in the pedestrian boulevard. Restrooms are provided in the central part of the park and on its edges. Visitors using private vehicles can take advantage of a parking lot for over 1,000 cars.

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